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Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 10.27.14 AMPinterest markets itself as a virtual inspiration board, allowing its users to ‘pin’ ideas, images, and links to a personalised bulletin board. The concept of Pinterest is very simple and for that reason very popular, with the Pinterest brand labelling themselves as ‘the visual bookmarking tool that boosts creativity’.

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Instagram is a social communication site designed around the concept of sharing and appreciating images. Instagram’s concept is mobile friendly, encouraging users to create, modify share and appreciate others images as a form of interaction and communication.

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Snapchat is an image form of communication that lasts up to 10 seconds per image. Snapchat markets itself as a light-hearted form of communication that deletes itself so there is no way to copy the image, or repeat it.

Social Media Site Year Creat-ed Number of Users Male to Female Users (%) Most commonly used on Avg Age of User
Pinterest 2010 72.8million Female (85%)

Male (15%)

Mobile phone (75%) 35
Instagram 2010 300million Female (49%)

Male (51%)

Mobile phone (92%) 35
Snapchat 2011 100million Female (70%)

Male (30%)

Mobile phone (100%) 18

(Smith, 2015)

Compare and Contrast the Social Media Sites

Each of the social media sites was created between 2010-2011, which suggests a boom in the image based social media at this time. Each of the media sites is based around the concept of photographs and images that are shared, liked and discussed through Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest. Other similarities include:

  • From the above table it would suggest that each of these sites are predominately used by females more than male users, most commonly through their mobile phones.
  • Instagram and Snapchat appear to the most similar as they both include a camera and photograph editing features. These features make the sites more interactive and more appealing from a photography perspective.
  • Both Instagram and Pinterest feature the collecting and celebrating of images and photographs, this is less so in Snapchat (Pringle, 2015).

Looking at the differences within the three sites:

  • Snapchat has a lower average age of consumer and is designed to enable brief communication through casual images, both Pinterest and Instagram
  • Pinterest differs from Snapchat and Instagram as it collects and shares other peoples images and photographs, with users rarely sharing their own images
  • Pinterest further differs from Instagram and Snapchat as it allows users to have a private profile, for personal collection and non- sharing purposes. This suggests that unlike Instagram and Snapchat, Pinterest is less about communicating with others and more about collecting for self-interest.

How Social Media be used as a part of integrated marketing.

Market Research: Social media informs business about who their consumers are and what interests them. For organisations to understand what interests/drives these consumers allows them to understand how to best communicate with them and develop the business to consumer relationship.

Advertisement: Businesses often use social media as a form of advertisement (Chaffey, 2013). The reason for this is that it allows businesses to directly communicate with their consumers with a more focused communication. This communication may be introducing a new product and feature or keeping customers informed in the most efficient and well received manner.

For more information about comparing social media sites and how they influence modern marketing decisions of businesses and organisations, look at the following blog Leverage . This USA based blog provides interesting insights and perspectives on modern e-marketing practises.

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